Friday 30 October 2020

Hi all. It is Marta here. For the first time in Walbrzych and for the eleventh year in a row I am pleased to be a part of the REFEREE.PL camp organized by Kuba Zamojski. And I am happy to share with you the summary of the day seen by the eyes of an inside person. We will be giving you some news every day, so you could be a part of the event in a way or in case of participants have the nice diary for the memory of the camp :)

Today was the first day of the camp, we have started in the afternoon with the intro and welcome speech from Kuba which was followed by the presentation of our instructor from NBA – George Toliver. George literally hit us with the topic talking about the conflict resolution and responding skills on the court. We were explained how we are getting affected by the emotions during the game and how to work out a diplomatic resolution of taught situations which happens often on the line between referee and coach. How to respond and not initiate in such situations and what is the answer for the certain behavior of the coach, like: statement, question and baiting. We were illustrating the situations while role play, that brought some laugh to the audience.

Then Peter Strikwerda explained us the technical side of using the Longomatch – the software that is very helpful to cut and manage the clips. And after, being lead by Kuba, we were discussing the sets of clips that are available at the website and people were commenting, so we could all share the opinion, and also our remote instructor Jose Anibal Carrion was giving his opinion on those ones. Greeting for you Jose.

Traditionally we had the introduction part, where all the participants could say something about themselves to the group, so we have some people that came again to the camp and they know each other also from many different events, but we have some people that are new to REFEREE.PL and we have chance now to make new friends.

All in all, George put the standard for the camp and high expectations for the next day starting games. So all the campers now cannot wait for the nominations. And by the way, we have a great tournament to officiate, because four teams from polish top league just happened to play here and the games will be super interesting. Coming up next tomorrow.