Friday 30 October 2020
Today the day has started very early for the referees, as 7.15 they went for jogging lead by Bartek Puzon.  Seems like it was very refreshing as some of them wanted to run even more, but the first lecture was at 9.00.

The basketball gym in Walbrzych is new and pretty impressive. We had their first meeting of the day, an hour lasting workshop from the 3-men mechanic done by Kuba, together with Piotr Pastusiak and Darek Zapolski.  After we moved to our lecture room to listen to the NBA VP of Development Department. Based on NBA Summer Camp training videos George was showing us the importance of the court presence, as he said: Every time you step on the court you are there to service the game. According to him the model of the officiating attitude shall be: Game first, my partner second and I am third.  Besides it is worth to remember for not to be a “ball watcher”.

Observation criteria for the mechanics was the topic covered by Mr Buluc from Euroleague. We had an open discussion about how to behave on the line referee – observer. And were answering the questions: Do you feel comfortable when there is an observer in your game? What do you expect from the observer? How do you benefit  after having a valuable feedback?
In the same time Kuba was having some short adventure in another venue, but this maybe he will tell you once… In the same time Daniel Hierrezuelo joined us and he was conducting 2 workshop motivation sessions, which were great. Dani said that we shall treat refereeing as our lifestyle. And the moment you put your officiating shirt on, makes you a referee for all your life!  We could hear Dani’s story as a referee and believe me knowing this you can be sure that any dream in your life can happen... maybe just not flying like a bird.
Now something that everyone was waiting for started at 16.00. our tournament games!! Referees were using the equipment with the ear phones and microphone, very similar to what football referees are using. And all the crew was connected with the observer as well. This is a good practice to get an instant feedback during the game. And the games were very good level, so also many difficult situations. At the top polish teams are playing in this tournament.
At the evening feedback we could hear short summary from all the instructors and George made us a question to think about while putting the head to the pillow: Have you given today your maximum on the court? With this now cannot wait for the next day to prove even more that refereeing is my life