Friday 30 October 2020
Wow, time is flying, today is already third day of the camp. Only two days behind us and people are already tired, as the schedule is pretty tight. If you do not officiate there are classes in the room, so no time to be bored.
Today some campers went to run again, some went to the swimming pool and sauna, anyhow to start the day with some exercise.
Dani handled the first lecture. It was cooperation with the coaches, quite difficult topic, so we were listening for the feedback and his Euroleague experience talking. The coaches know how to pressure referee and we as referee must manage it. Then we studied one by one examples of how not to talk to the coach. And the conclusion was the referee owns his silence and is the slave of his words. We need to first show respect to gain respect. And we all act differently in the court and this is ok, but we must role/act in the same way to control the game.
Then Kuba and Goerge was discussing clips, as everyday, many interesting situations and of course different opinions. Peter was showing us changes in modern basketball. The behavior of the players, what coaches teach them, how the play has evolved, what we can expect, this was a very good lesson.
Also Peter was doing the outside workshop, which is every year very interesting and successful, so he gather the group for the exercise.
And of course we had the games, which were again extraordinary and difficult to officiate, so some of the campers had really good practice. Every team after the half was receiving immediate feedback from the instructor, apart from the case that they can speak by the communication device from the Blucom company. In the same time George had his workshop and the famous M&M’s stories. (for those who were there)
Tomorrow is the last day of camp, but it is still brining us the great portion of work, so keep up.