Friday 30 October 2020

Sunday, last day of the camp… Still plenty of things to do. Very important thing is we made the family picture. Soon those pictures will create nice story as we just finalizing the 11th edition of the REFEREE.PL.

But before the final whistle, again early morning wake up - cannot be different. First we were analyzing clips with situations from yesterday games, so everyone had the possibility to share their doubts and get a direct answer from our instructors. So George, Dani, Buluc, Peter, Kuba, Pasta, Zapol were there to give their professional opinion and advices. There was a special clip at the end of this lecture done by Paulo Mina with help of Edith Oudshoorn, and now the instructors and specially Kuba are nominated to do the ILS IceBucketChallenge. Hehehe. So once the role changed and Kuba has received the nomination during his camp. Let’s wait for the results.

We could again listen to George, whose passion these days were spreading all over the room. He is so charismatic. He immediately caught the contact with the referees and his jokes are making us laugh. Also the stories, especially about the love bridge J

Daniel got the presentation as well in the final day. He is very direct while talking, he is sending us the message and we listen. Like the story about his carrier. His style and inside power is coming out with every word he tells. This is incredible.

As today is the final day there are… final games! So people got the nominations and some of them were extremely happy and excited for the game at 18.00 which was played by the top Polish league teams and one is the current Polish champion.  But all the games were good, because the teams were not giving an easy job to our campers, I would say just the opposite.

In the afternoon there was also a block of workshop with clips from Darek and Piotr. So this was an opportunity to again discuss what happened on the court.

Of course as every last day there were many pictures taken, waving goodbye, packing, and thinking. The camp syndrome spread and despite the 4 intense days people were feeling like this is not enough. Which is exactly what you guys should feel, because now you come back home and have all the power to start the season in your leagues.

But I am sure to see most of you next year.