Friday 3 December 2021
Have you met a referee with perfect knowledge of the rules, extremely well decisions on video clip situations, excellent mechanics and still no real success as a referee? Have you been thinking about how this it possible?
The answer may come from other parts of the physical body, like appearance, athleticism, but most definitely it's because this referee is not confident enough, cannot focus well and steadily, cannot solve conflicts properly. Maybe he is poor at communication, controlled more by fear than courage, has low self-esteem or simply chases the wrong goals.
Becoming a top referee is complex. It is not easy, but quite rewarding. Getting there once is not infinitely difficult, but staying there is the hardest. Acknowledgement though comes only, if you climb the mountain and stay there for long enough.
Course that is offered by Referee Mindset helps you to become a better referee in many ways. Peter Papp, who will be one of the lecturers at REFEREE.PL Camp this year, has launched an online course on his blog in January 2015. This course is a unique self-development tool for the ones who are serious about their goals as referees.
We are excited to announce that Peter is giving away three weeks of his course for the REFEREE.PL to each campers this year. You can set the right goals that are fully aligned with who you are; you gain rock solid confidence for any game: the local 3rd league, or the finals of the World Championship. You will learn how to get focused for your game and how to get back on track the fastest possible way when you start to lose concentration.
Referee Mindset Online Course offers a lot more, and there will be a surprise exclusively for the campers of this year. We cannot wait to share it with you.