Friday 3 December 2021

Next week in Antalya for the 12th year in a row we will have the international referee camp for basketball officials REFEREE.PL. We have 55 referees from many countries and also different continents. During this camp we want to learn, prepare for the new season and get better. Therefore we will have also a group of great instructors, who are available to help us.

Again this year we will use during the games the communication equipment from the Blucom company. This is radio communication small, compact equipment, where the ear phone is connected with the microphone and hanged on the ear, and the cable leads to the tiny box with the power, which is connected to the referee’s arm, so you can easy run with it.

All three referees can hear each other and talk to each other from every place on the court. On top of that same piece is with the instructor so he can give instant feedback to the refs team.

This is working very well and it is helping to train young and potential referees, we simply use it to learn, it is helping a lot to listen about what happened on the court from the instructor, actually just in the moment that this is happening.

The same equipment is being used in football for the referees and in many different markets. For more details please check the webpage.


Blucom - Digitall radio communication with HD voice

Up to 5 people can talk simultaneously without to press a talk push button