Friday 3 December 2021

Some of you may know me, as maybe we met already at some basketball event, and surely we did at Kuba’s camp, as I was there from the beginning when it all started in 2004.

As a little insight to that I can tell you that back then I arrived to Bydgoszcz as a journalist and wanted to write some article about the ongoing player’s camp. Happened that I met this group of referees and so since I was a referee myself (true story! You have never seen me on the court during the camp, maybe once this will change) I got very much interested and eventually attached to the camp, it’s idea and you guys, that I am with you every year.

What do I do, well; I run the camp from the backstage, which means the organization that you mostly don't see, until something is not working, hehe. But really what I do is to support Kuba to make the best camp possible and personally I think we do pretty well.

I made so many friends during these years, this camp has brought me what I never expected, a solid feeling that no matter how I always want to stay engaged into basketball, by meeting such a passionate people like you!

That is why every year I try to get creative on how to interest you more and more with the webpage and social media, try to reach to the top instructors to present their voice, some small interview. I am also learning by helping the camp, meeting great people and make incredible memories. Once we have to sit and write down with Kuba all stories that happened during all this years. :)

Personally I am an chemical engineer, working in marketing from more than 10 years, as a hobby I also work in organizing events (surprise), and I used to be a referee for the past 12 years, now I became not active, as my professional life is consuming more time. But I was officiating majority of time in Poland, also in Czech Republic and I finished in Hungary, where I now live.

This year we will be seeing again starting in 3 day in Turkey!!!

Have a great camp and find me when you need anything! I will be around :)