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Antalya, 13-21 June 2015

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce the 12th edition of REFEREE.PL camp for basketball officials.

We have prepared a great surprise for you this year, the location of the camp is extraordinary! We are inviting you to the top class hotel located at the sea side in the beautiful Turkish city with basketball traditions – Antalya. Camp has never taken place in such a touristic location, but this is not all, we also propose new version of the camp!

REFEREE.PL 2015 camp will have two sessions, as we have a great level tournament that is lasting for two camps!

We plan to make two sessions so you can choose which date suits you better. There will be two registration lists. (The exact time schedule will be public on our website).

We have prepared the best set of instructors in the world to join us this year. Various group of instructors makes the camp interesting and useful, so for us this is top priority. We will present instructors one by one on our website.

This year’s edition of REFEREE.PL camp will take place in Antalya, TURKEY  — beautiful city located on Antalya's flourishing southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains, Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast with over one million people in its metropolitan area.

As every year we will do our best to bring you something new and interesting, what will provide referees with special motivation and give a chance to improve skills on the court - this is going to be the ideal chance to learn new things from the most experience people in the referee’s world!

Campers will have lectures and also practical trainings on and off the court. During the lectures we will focus mainly on the quality of the calls, criteria and officiating techniques. We will also talk over 3 man mechanics and give a chance to listen to advises from experienced referees and instructors from the best leagues in the world. All the games will be recorded and there will be a chance to work with the video material immediately after officiating. We will also provide some other multimedia techniques to help us improve your officiating. There will be many high level games – more than at any our camp before.

There will be physical trainer and also basketball coach to help referees, not only to learn how to practice, but also to understand basketball from other perspective.

We expect referees from many countries, so main language at the clinic will be English.

More details about the camp will be published at day by day from now, until the end of the camp or even longer.

Soon you will find information about the hotel, gym and other events. You can easily reach Antalya by plane (the airport is very well connected with regular and charter flights). There will be transfer scheduled from and to the airport. As well as all logistics inside the camp will be covered. All hotel facilities are available for our campers during the whole camp (swimming poole indoor, outdoor, gym, the outside beach☺).

On the website we will also publish the list of campers in order they send applications. Now you are able to find there information, pictures and other details about camps from past 11 editions. 

Surprise! Have your vacation together with the camp! We will have special deals for people who would like to come to Antalya before the camp or stay longer after…

If you, or any of your colleagues, are interested to join our camp, please fill in the Application Form at our website. If you have any questions, please contact me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Camp fee:
Full residential costs: 425 Euro - all inclusive
*number of places per session is limited

Best regards,

Kuba Zamojski
Mobile: +48 601 736 920
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.