Friday 3 December 2021

More than 30 C degrees in Antalya, this is how the city welcomed today our campers for the 1st session of the International Basketball Referee’s Camp!

As today is the arriving day we have started the lectures at 20.00, so all the camp participants arrived before this time and got nicely accommodated in the Gloria Hotel, using pool and gym and some went to run.

Kuba officially opened the 12th edition of the camp, together with Buluc, who is helping with the organization part of the camp. Buluc gave an update about the hotel and how to use its great facilities: pools, gym, outdoor stadium, and also an introduction to the rules of the tournament, you will referee starting from tomorrow.

First we got 30 min intro to Longomatch who connected with us remotely. For the first time in the camp we have an instructor connecting via skype. This was a new interesting experience.

Then we moved to the lecture of Dr Ridvan, who spoke about the results of the survey and your perception on refereeing, based on how your brain is working in certain situations.

He will watch the campers during the games and observe the behavior and will formulate his feedback at the end of the session 1 for the participants.

At the end we connect remotely to Jose Anibal Carrion to talk about the clips, as Jose is supporting us with the understanding of difficult situations. So we got into interesting discussion about an offensive foul and we were 40 min over time.

To be continued tomorrow ... :)