Friday 3 December 2021

Now, the last day of the final session arrived…

As this is already a tradition here in the morning again the entire group did a 7.15 run. As we want to take the most of last day, no one is tired, no one complains, and so in this mood we have started the first lecture of the day at 8.30 by Carl Jungebrand. All the instructors’ team came for this lecture. Mentioning that Costas had no lecture today and still he was there, because he also wants to learn. Impressive. Carl was telling us some important things. As referees we are never attacking, we hold the position, so we must defend the position.  This is mental versus psychical challenge. When you walk there, nothing is going to happen that you don't control! You need to know it! – Carl Jungebrand.

We spend 40 min talking about the toss. Jump ball – how to do it right? Sold movement, level of the ball when you start, there is no right technique, just be consistent with you own style, shoulder level of the ball, have surprise element.  What is really tossing… escorting the ball with your hands. :)

The stage was back to Steve, so mechanics and court coverage continue. And also how to be a good partner. This is very visible if you are coming on the court just for yourself or coming on the court together as a team. This is a mental approach; this is willingness before the game.

Focus for today – to be a good partner! This means you do your job and keep in mind you are doing it with your partners. In between other he also said: You are the referee to the level of your experience.

And obvious table management – table it is your best friend and best enemy if something doesn't go ok, but if this happens it is your fault.  

Then Steve shared his personal story of how he came to the top and what happened there. This story is mind-blowing, plus he is great story teller, so again all people will never forget it.

To be superior referee you must have spirit of the game! – Costas

Game is important. We must come to the happy end! – Costas

Then we had a mind experience lecture from Peter Papp. Do the exercises – use your fast thinking – free your mind – and just write. Write your dreams; on paper they are more touchable. Very relaxing presentation on how to approach your goals and how to plan the execution of them.

Everyone later had 3 half of games to referee and being watched by instructors. The best is after 3 days how you can communicate with the headset. This is great; instructor is talking to referees ear, and saying jokes, but mostly correcting their position and giving advices on the decisions.

As this is the final day we had the summary from all the instructors in the lecture room. They made many meaningful messages to us, we will be going home with the mind full of ideas of what to do before the season, and how to prepare the best for the coming season.

Then we had nice Closing Ceremony with certificates :)

As Steve said: There are no goodbyes in basketball, there is only see you later, so see you later!

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