Friday 3 December 2021

Like in a FIBA tournament, today we had a day off. People from first session were leaving, so transfers to the airport and another session was coming. Goodbyes and hellos. Some people stayed and some came before, so all in all today was no games and people could use pools, gym or go to the city center or the other resort of the complex for the beach. With this beautiful weather this day was like real vacation.

All participants got registered to the session and we started at 20.00 with the welcome from Kuba the main camp organizer and Buluc, who provided this awesome hotel, and again explanation of the tournament, now tomorrow we will start the play off of the senior tournament, which will be officiated by campers.

“Here and now” session by Dr Ridvan. He was discussing our psychological obstacles during the game.

Restarting our brain before the tomorrow’s hard day, we will start the run and then very early the first lecture of Carl.

See you all tomorrow and session 2 of REFEREE.PL is kicked off!!!!!

Day 1 Gallery