Friday 3 December 2021

Gym, run, pool – today people divided and did different morning activities. Majority still went to run, lead by Paulina and Tomek, who used the exercise from FIBA.  Day started with the sun, but later was raining; we didn't care anyway, because the games were ongoing and in case wanted people could use the indoor pool.

Individual techniques subject by Carl Jungebrand. As yesterday Carl was teaching campers how to run, he added today: “I don't want referees to only run, I want them to referee as well.” We were watching clips and learning new FIBA approach for the mechanics and movements. Useful tips and tricks from Carl, and the instructors’ crew. Takeaways: “Whatever happened I am controlling”.

It is not how much we try, it is only the result that come, that we want!! – Carl.

Costas – I always show the real examples. So we watched a set of clips from Euroleague and were talking about the situations and how to interpret them properly. Many interesting situations from the season that has just finished. Also Costas advised:  “You cannot copy anyone, make yourself, the original is only one!” – Costas. Costas showed us also the Euroleague statistics after the season and how calls were distributed for the fouls and areas. Referee the spin move. Be a Superior referee.

Offensive/defensive –player to go to the defender, to go through the defender.

After officiating we had the summary of the day, from Costas, Kuba, Steve, who talked also about plenty important tips for when you are on the court. There was an issue today about the technical foul and so Steve spent 15 min to discuss the case. “Technical foul is easy, but you should use your personality to begin with.” – Steve.

Ridvan was closing the session of the day. We played a game to show that each of us is an individual and that we have to work on communication each and every single time, with the partners, score table and learn how to manage a communication with the coaches, players and audience. We were tired, but we laughed and it was good finish of the day.

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