Friday 3 December 2021

Last day of the second session arrived… Guys were very excited and went out of the frames and got creative. So instead of morning run campers went to the swimming pool to play water polo! Unfortunately there are no photos of this game as the paparazzo was sleeping :)

Same as in the first session in the last day of the camp Carl had the lecture about FIBA guidelines to mechanics. Therefore we talked almost an hour about the proper way to toss. So by solid movement, when you start to toss what is the level of the ball, and how to escort the ball with your hands :)

And if there is a mistake during jump ball, who is responsible for it. You are not there alone. All the ref team is responsible. Carl: “The best crew I officiated with is me myself and I, we never disagree, only sometimes” :)We watched clips from last World Championship by FIBA and NBA movie “Blind ref” starting with Will Smith.

Also since Carl is leaving he made his summary of the tournament right now and had many questions from the group. Even thought we were late for the games, all people were sitting and listening and taking as much from it as possible.

Still before the games Steve had an hour on pick and roll, how to evaluate it, we were breaking down the clips. This was a great lecture, super useful. Steve taught us how to have an active mindset for the screen. How to catch an isolated play and always to look for competitive match in your area of responsibility.

Now all the theoretical stuff we go to practice to the courts, as games are starting at 12.00. Today there are only semifinals and finals. As also this is the last day of the tournament. So winner must be chosen :)

Last lecture as cherry on the pie came a powerful message from Costas. We were watching Euroleague clips with the videos of post play and we were analyzing all together with Costas.

Costas: You gave chance to officiate the best games in the world! Then we have see the pictures from when Costas was officiating the media game last year. Good piece of history and experience talking through him, but also hope, hope for the next generation to come! Ans as we said many time in the camp, the next generation will be better!!

Then we had a closing ceremony with the diplomas, when everyone could say something from themselves. Amongst others we heard from one camper that: “Some people come from close distance, some travel the world and wherever Kuba would do the camp he will follow..” Exactly for such a people Kuba is doing this camp. Now the question of the evening:  When Kuba will announce the next location?


Hope you all go to home safe.

See you soon.

And hear you via the website and our Facebook profile.