Monday 8 August 2022

Hurray!! We started the second session of REFEREE.PL of this year. Now we are in Radom. The basketball city of the Vice-Champion of Poland.

We kicked off the camp according to the agenda, waiting a moment for late arrivals. Kuba opened the session with the administration stuff, explaining the logistics, as we will play in 5 gyms, then all the instructors introduced themselves and all the campers said few words about themselves. We have a big group of 42 referees and 12 instructors.

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Kuba started his lecture prepping refs for the camp: teamwork and how to better work together.

The Jose made an interactive session on: What is the first think that you look in a basketball referee when he enters the court and What is in your opinion the best quality of the basketball referee. Also pointing why are we here and presenting his philosophy of being like a sponge. So basically you shall observe as much as you can from this camp. We need to fight to get perfect in order to be excellent – Jose - Have serious goals, and keep thinking of your dreams. Jose also told us some facts from his career and we all agreed that Being a basketball referee is addictive, also we further discussed some quick tips & tricks to apply on your way for the development: Smart person knows what to say, wise person knows whether to say it or not.

Costas lecture was next. As usual we got strong, straight words coming from former boss of Euroleague. Control of the game is number 1. And mantra for the season: Consistency – same criteria to both sides at all time. No compromise. This is just couple of remarkable thoughts that I have collected here. Also Costas shared with us some coming changes in the rules, that will be only implemented as of 2017/2018 season: U foul principles, travel violation additions. We have watched together clips on contacts. Hearing clips being discusses by one of the legends in basketball refereeing is just something that we all appreciate a lot and it always makes an impression.

Rhythm, Speed, Balance, Quickness – elements of the contact

We left after for dinner, and evening session in the gym for the 3PO, Micio was leading the session explaining the secrets of proper movements on the court. We were practicing the toss, and proper movements in crews. Day finished at night, but we are full of power for the games which are starting tomorrow.

Best from Radom,

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