Monday 8 August 2022

Yesterday was a day of lectures, today will be a mixture of presentations and half a day of games.
So as tradition says we started with the morning FIBA run at 7 AM. Some guys went to run at 6… :) Fitness is very important part of referee’s life.  

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Straight after Kuba had a feedback session, with Jose and Costas, with the most important take away that gave the group the direction for today: Learn how to officiate OFF ball. We were watching videos from camp in Romania for the 3PO, main video and view from the 3 glasses: Lead, Trail, Center. This is incredible for the situations analysis and for the referee to understand and confirm with the view where exactly he is looking while officiating. These glasses are a great tool for calibrating yourself with the position and zones watching.

To prepare you for the games Petr was next with the presentation on how to do a good pre-game conference: check technical equipment, ball selection, team warm up observation, referee warm up, and post-game: did we succeed? ME – WE – GAME? We watched NBA referees pre game video that was very inspiring, and showed how professional USA referees treat every game.
More and more clips, Situations, we are learning from other people, meaning more clips watching with Costas. Major thing for all your next season: Clean the game!!! – Costas. Again were the criteria applied, advantage/disadvantage rule, or RSBQ – rhythm, speed, balance, quickness.

As today we had all instructors in one place there was time for the family picture :) and we moved to officiate the games. Logistics are very complex, this time we play in 4 gyms, and there is a lot of good games to referee. Let’s see how the refreshed criteria and new pre-seasonal power will appear on the court!! Go go go!!! In the evening after the games there is also special slot for whoever wants to try running the pulsometer test with Konrad. Ufff I can say this was really long day, but no one expected differently.


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