Monday 8 August 2022

At the third day it is visible that the camp is so intense. We have only 4 days and so many things to do, and between all this games, game preparation, clips cutting, video watching, discussing with your crew, presentations, lectures, morning run, pulse run… yeah. Today at 7 again was the run, I have noticed the group was little smaller, this is because some people last evening run the beep test, and simply you need to rest the body.

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As per the camp agenda today is the last day with lectures from Costas, Jose and Micio, as they have to leave next morning we still have a great chance to listen to them. Costas was working clips with us, again and again, as for him this practical aspect works best apart from the court job. Above everything is the game! – Costas – Quality calls is what we want. Micio was showing you some practical advises for the officiating. A top referee image is: strong, decisive and approachable. Be better tomorrow then you are today. Because when you improve yourself, automatically you improve the officiation in your all team and league.  Jose took us for the mind walk with him back to USA officiating, recalling 2 past days of the camp and preparing for the season in general with the motivation speech. 

What you need to remember from the 3PO and the clue of the officiating is:
1.    Referee the defense
2.    Trust your partners
3.    Call the obvious
4.    Stay in your primer

Everyone waited for the games, specially top league tournament and 1st league, but also the amateur league tournament that was very demanding and therefore excellent for the camp purpose to officiate. Couple things that are visible as per instructor’s feedback: you all have the drive to be better and make progress, some mistakes are always there, they are part of our life and we are here exactly to work it out.

Despite of the long day everyone waited for the closing ceremony, where we made a summary of the camp, could hear from the instructors again, and enjoy talking together, thinking how we really want to move forward, what are our goals. With wishes for the good next season from OUR team, we are moving to Sunday which is a games and finals day!!

Thank you,


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