Friday 3 December 2021

 And here we are again with the basketball referees camp, after 1 year, this time in beautiful Romanian city of Cluj Napoca. After awaiting for all campers to arrive, we have full complete list to start the camp, and so Kuba kicked it off with a welcome speech and short motivational presentation about how to properly build a team on the court and what aspects of this will we train at the camp.

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 Almost all instructors are here, Johny and Sasa will be with us from tomorrow. All the campers and instructors got introduced, the refereeing numbers are assigned and so we can properly start the games tomorrow.

Costas had a presentation today with showing clips on multiple situation, where the main aim was to assess properly the contact. Costas stated clearly that there are many contacts in the game and only some of them we choose to call, and this is how we differentiate a good referee. Make the call with criteria and consistency – same call here, same call there. As referees we need to clean the game. We also discussed on how important is the first call and that we need to call the obvious action. As contacts cover 80% of the game we need to properly focus on them, so we also spend some time discussing clips with Costas and setting the right mind for tomorrow, when we will assess the actions on the court.

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 This afternoon passed very fast, after long travels to Cluj the team needs now to rest before 3 long next days… See you tomorrow!

Over and out,