Friday 3 December 2021

 Oh my dear, what a long day it was… Do I even remember all activities that referees had in the agenda today? Let’s see.
So the day started at 7 with a 30 min refreshment run lead by Michal Pogon. Basically the whole team ran around the river and bridges, also to see where exactly are the gyms, the weather was still very fresh and so it was enjoyable run with the view for our biggest new sport hall – Polivalenta.

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Then we spend couple of hours in the lecture room taking the knowledge like a sponge, according to the words of Jose. So first the group worked out video clips on the unsportsmanlike and technical foul and some special behaviors that we have to be alert on the court.

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Then Jose took us on the journey with him to understand referee mentality. He said: “When you become a referee you need to take out your philosophy.” And so what is there? The discipline. As professional referees you all need to set up priorities, are you ready to leave your job, will your job allow you to go to international games? These are the questions that have to be answered before you seriously start to think about your goals in order to achieve them. Because if we want to be professional referees, we need to plan it, need to be prepare for it, need to organize our life! We need to know ahead, because – if you are on time, you are late! – Jose.

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Strive for perfection and you will achieve excellence…

The only games that worked perfectly are when I stay at home and watch them in TV, we have to accept that we make mistakes – Jose.

As a next lecture we got explained by Johny Jacobs some very important issues from the mechanics, in the same spirit to go for perfection. “Everybody wants to see the game; nobody comes to the gym for the referees” – Johny. We talked about how to behave correctly as referees on and off the court. Johny kept us awake with his very dynamic presentation, also showing some tips and tricks to the mechanics and body language.

After part 1 of the day, we moved to the big gym for the family picture :)

Then we had a lecture of 3PO mechanics on the court conducted by Mr Miodrag Licina. The instructors were showing us how to move properly on the court, there is never enough of reminding this, as it needs to work by default.

And so after all this preparation we were ready to start the games! There are 3 tournaments that referees are officiating, the top men league tournament in Polivalenta gym, women 1st division games and mixed juniors and 2nd men league in last gym. All games were very demanding, different contacts, actions, and for all of you - variable experience. We had 2 games at each court, and each referee had their time on the court and talking to the instructor. In the big gym another factor to add was a public, as a lot of spectators came to see the top league, the tribunes were very full, here in Cluj basketball is very popular.

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At the end of this day we had a feedback session at the court at 22:15. Every instructor shared their thoughts of the day, and improvement areas for the crew they have seen in action. One thing that came together is that we need to emphasize the mechanic and team work, so tomorrow morning there will be special class at the gym to strengthen these connections. Again and again – consistency!!!

Over and tired, but happy :)

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