Friday 3 December 2021

Second day is here.  Morning run today was to the gym, as group was practicing more of the mechanics and team exercised in the court. Again 3PO as to have very solid basis repeated for today’s games.

IMG 6863

After breakfast we went into series of lectures with Mr Licina talking about what does it mean to be a referee, Costas working the clips, reminding us about the integrity: Must be always neutral, objective and act like judge! Johny added the team piece to close the picture fully in the head of our campers. He showed us multiple clips about the behavior of referees during the game that define us as referees, he touched the emotions. The room was quiet for some time. With this they all made us think on how we want to referee today… Also many other questions to answer moving forward as referees…

What kind of referee you want to be?

And again what we are working here on is CONSISTENCY!!

Self-consistency, crew consistency, next crew consistency.

At the end Sasa was showing more clips (his clips from Olympics 2012) to prepare you for some situations, so we could all work on the proper interpretation.

And so the games started.

Again very good level of games, very demanding, need to be ready. Many contacts, many difficult contacts. There were very good games to apply what we have learned.

Everybody was waiting for the feedback session, today it was short, and Kuba and instructors asked everyone to work on the videos, and also the videos from the glasses and to prepare the clips, as the evening we wouldn't have time, the feedback will take probably all morning :)

See you tomorrow,


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