Friday 3 December 2021

The last day of the camp was very special. It was a mixture of: I am tired, but I don't want to go home, time passed so fast, and I want to start my season asap and apply what I have learned, I am on fire.

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As promised we started the day with the morning feedback from the previous day. Session was conducted by Costas, Sasha, Kuba, and all instructors had a lot to share. All in the name of your further development. We hear a lot of: We will see some of you on FIBA games. Potential, but work, work, work, and guess what: Consistency!!
Costas gave us a taste of rule changes coming in next season and also talked us through the understanding more the handshake with coaches, how to work with them, talk to them and make it a dialogue, as the common sense of the basketball games of the ultimate goal of all the parties involved in the spectacle.
Jose back on stage presented to the group how does officiating look in USA. What types of camps there are: instructional, developmental, training/invitational, who is going to which camp and how to benefit from them the most.

Right after we had a closing ceremony, where a memory diploma was passed to all the campers and congratulations from all the instructors team. Compliments to the instructors who join OUR TEAM this year in Cluj and spend their private time on teaching you. Thank you for Bogdan and Amalia for hosting the camp in Cluj, and last thanks to all of you, passionate people without whom the camp wouldn't make sense. Again the success of Kuba, who is every year working to prepare a camp for all of you.

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As half the night you were not sleeping because of cutting clips, there was a special session for all who wanted to share interesting situations to discuss, so campers got the stage for themselves. And the all went to the last round of games!!
Today was nothing different from the games level, and so last game but still needed to be super focused. After the last game we gathered together in the main gym for the final feedback session. Your feedback. There was the time to share how was this past 4 days for you. And so we closed the session Cluj of the 13th REFEREE.PL camp.

This camp only exists because every year there is a group of people, who wants to be a better referee, who wants to invest in themselves, who wants to travel, sometimes from other continent, to get half a game officiated and listen to feedback from top class instructor. 4 days of hard work, and as you see throughout the history of REFEREE.PL dreams become goals and goals become true!!

PS. Our famous WhatsApp group will be closed in 1 day :)
Until the next time and happy birthday!!!



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