Friday 3 December 2021

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the 13th year of REFEREE.PL camps for basketball officials.

We have prepared a new location for you this year, as the camp is going to brand new city and new country! We are taking you to the beautiful region of Romania with strong basketball traditions located in the north of the country, which is Cluj-Napoca.

We would like to invite you to session in Romania, with the arrival and departure details as above.

Cluj-Napoca - located in the Someșul Mic River valley, the city is considered the unofficial capital to the historical province of Transylvania. We will have all facilities in one spot - all in walking distance.

As every year we will do our best to bring you something new and interesting, what will provide referees with special motivation and give a chance to improve skills on the court - this is going to be the great chance to learn new things from the most experience people in the referee’s world!

Campers will have lectures and also practical trainings on and off the court. During the lectures we will focus mainly on the quality of the calls, criteria and officiating techniques. We will also talk over 3 man mechanics and give a chance to listen to advises from experienced referees and instructors from the best leagues in the world. All the games will be recorded and there will be a chance to work with the video material immediately after officiating. We will also provide some other multimedia techniques to help us improve your officiating. One of them will be new camera system for officials.

This year we will have high level games: senior male and female tournaments, and also junior tournament.

We expect referees from many countries, so main language at the clinic will be English.

More details about the camp will be published at day by day from now on, until the end of the camp or even longer. You can also find there all information about the hotel, gym and flight connections.

On the website we will also publish the list of campers in order they send applications. Now you are able to find there information, pictures and other details about camps from past 12 years.

If you, or any of your colleagues, are interested to join our camp, please fill in the Application Form ROMANIA 2016 at our website.


Camp fee:
Full residential costs: 390 EUR - all inclusive

Best regards
Kuba Zamojski
In case of questions please contact:
M: +48 601 736 920 @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.