Tuesday 24 May 2022

I am pleased to announce the instructors of the first time ever in history survival camp for referees - UFFO Survival Camp 2017, that will take place 17-21 July in Jezierzyce, Poland.
It is not only about the physical preparation at all. This camp is about the individual work with each referee that will be tailored to his/her needs. Everyone has different moves, reflex, habits, customs of behaviour. While officiating you need to look in the right place, move properly, go where you need to go to see correctly play you observe. You need to make right signals in the proper way. All this will be practiced, togehter with body language adequate for each referee and to the moment of the game. Believe me you will be tired at the end of the week. :)

With this excercises we will have support from the top league - Piotr Pastusiak and Kuba Zamojski. None of them I need to introduce as you know them pretty well, specially Kuba. But few words of career highlights, just to remember that this people train the same like you to achieve their goals and dreams and to be where they are now.
On top ofyou will also be trained by the coaches and trainers from the Get Better camp (getbetter.pl), who are working with the top league players for their physical preparation to the season, but also in a new way. Very physical way, but with a completely new approach. For details check getbetter.pl and follow referee.pl - article coming soon.

Piotr Pastusiak podczas finalu

Piotr Pastusiak started his career in 1994 in Poland. Ten years later he was in the top polish league and became international referee in 2010. Since then his career progreesed very dynamic with joining the Euroleague and last year we could see Piotr in the top World competitions: 2016 Eurocup Finals, 2016 Euroleague F4s and eventually the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro. From many years Piotr works with referees in Poland, and also he has been already joining REFEREE.PL in previous editions as an instructor and also as the participant in the past. We asked him whats is his goal for the survival camp: "I would like to focus on shaping the body language, cooperation and communication inside referees team. I am also counting that I will learn a lot myself from the specialists and trainers who are there at the camp".

Jakub Zamojski

Jakub Zamojski became a referee in 1989 and within ten year he pursuit his career at the international level. In 2000 Kuba joined Euroleague and started his incredible journey with officiating on the highest level, hitting European Championship, World Championship, Final Four and Eurobasket and Unversiade. Kuba is the iniciator and founder of the REFEREE.PL camp that he is organizing every year from 14 years already. This year Kuba kicked off the idea for the survival camp that his aim is, he says: "I want to show the referees that you can work on wider spectrum of aspects and elements from the officiating art. I hope this camp will be the beginning of the completely new series of camps, which will be focusing more on individual skills of the referee but also working in a group."