Tuesday 24 May 2022

There is no event that can run itself. Usually there is a team behind the organization and if we are lucky there are passionate people that love basketball and like to spend some time with helping events, stay close to the basketball, learn some interesting things in the meantime, and make new friendships.

Martyna kBartoszKubik kThis year Martyna Kubicka and Bartosz Kubik are helping onsite with pair of hands. Usually there is always something to do, so this help is very much appreciated.

Martyna and Bartek are students and basketball adepts. Martyna played basketball at school. This year they have been first in their region and got 10 place in Poland. Before she played in team of Wilki Morskie and was practicing in MKS KUSY Szczecin.

Thank you Martyna and Bartek for being part of the Refere.pl team for this camp.