Tuesday 24 May 2022

And so we kicked off the first 24 hours of the first ever survival camp for basketball referees!

Everybody arrived to Jezierzyce safe and found the facilities. Not that they are hidden in the woods :) The camp started with theoretical class about body language and criterias. Followed bypractical training from the mechanics on the court, campers were officiating some games and in the evening watching togehter the games recorded by the main camera and the cameras in the glasses.


After the games everyone run the bip test.

Tuesday morning from 7 am for one hour there was a training in the hall on the court again, and referee practiced elements of transmission, rotation, free throws, signalizing and body language.

Next there was special class dedicated to the body language again with a practe on how to look and officiate pick&rolls.
Something new in the agenda for this camp is that today two participants had to prepare a presentation for the chosen topic and present to the rest of the group and instructors.
Then one hours at the gym togehter with coaches from GetBetter and 30 minutes of jogging outside with sprints. First 50 minutes of break was in the afternoon, then Kuba planned gathering togehter before the games of today, some officiating that started at 16.00.


Going towards the evening, after the games all the campers run again the bip test. yeah.. again :) had dinner and as far as I know now they are watching today’s games and doing some analysis.

Good luck for tomorrow.