Tuesday 24 May 2022

Very early wake up today and 7 am the group had already an intense training in the hall – transmission, rotation, signals and repeat. Sprints, free throws and repeat. :)


So after the breakfast they sit all togehter with instructors to have a workshop and analize the videos recorded the day before. This was followed by 1h of gym with the GetBetter coaches and 30 minutes sprin joggs on the outdoor court.


13:20 team was writing the test online through referee.pl and after going through feedback session togehter for the questions.


Games were srating at 16, so 2 hours before team sat with Kuba and Piotr and had a pre game, to remind the game responsibilities, main agreements, important things that they focus on this time specially and goal for today.

After the games campers continue to present themselved in front of the team the topic of their choice.
So eventually at 20:30 there was a time for relax and all group went to sauna :) but this was not the end of the day... after sauna again everybody gather togehter to watch videos and analize them, this was done in smaller groups today.

Good news or not, tomorrow th day will be a bit easier.. really?? So Kuba planned righte after the morning run and 7 am and breakfast to go to Ustka, which is Polish sea side with the beach, so there will be bicycles and good coffee :))))

Go go go team!!!!