Wednesday 20 June 2018


We would like to come back to our campers from the first edition. We went to check on how are they doing and how was their season. You can see below in follow up on how the survival training camp in Poland contributed to the last year’s season performance for the two of our campers: Asimina and Hande.

After last year’s successful first deployment of the new idea of the camp we were sure to repeat the format this year again. The registration is up and running for the 2018, you can find it here APPLICATION FORM.

For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time we would like to explain the idea behind the new format. This camp is to help referees even more to improve by doing extensive preparation before the season that would combine organic activities for referees, same as for any other sport athletes.

Jezierzyce Słupskie, Poland
2 separate sessions: 16-20 July, 23-27 July

We are very happy to invite you again to the modern way of camp - SURVIVAL CAMP, which will have 2 separate sessions this year, where we will be working on the preparation for the following season togehter with the basketball players „Get Better Camp”. The main focus of the camp will be individual work and team work on the court.


The camp will take place in Jezierzyce Słupskie, which is close to Słupsk and Polish sea side, located 120 km from the Gdansk airport. Słupsk is also accessible by train. There is 5 days of hard work waiting for you. Here are the dates:

Dates of survival 2018