Tuesday 29 September 2020

Day 1, 4th September 2019 Wednesday

The day started with the arrival of our campers and instructors. From 11 to 13 there was time to register for a camp and receive equipment.

 At 13:45 KUBA welcomed everyone and later on started the first lecture which focused on rotation and looking for a better position on the court. All his ideas and examples were followed by video clips. Things to remeber:

  1. Call what you see
  2. Watch primary
  3. Always look for the best position
  4. Do not guess
  5. Rotate
  6. Eye contact communication

2019 09 04 04.21.15 2

Richard Stokes told us about game control and game management. The skills we need to control and manage a game are definitely : an image, to know your craft, mechanics, clock management, technical fouls and excuses ,communication and high level decisions.

The difference between a sucessful officiating and the rest is?
Not a lack of strength
Not a lack of knowledge
But more usually a lack of will and motivation
‘ I’m competing with myself, no with others referees’ – Richard Stokes
This quote should be followed by every referee who wants to be on the top one day.

2019 09 04 09.09.27 1

Todd Warnick came to us with lecture about the Criteria – fouls and violations
He emphasized the importance of our basketball rules knowledge. According to Todd our Toolbox (rules, interpretations, guidelines, ‘customs’) should be read by everyone and everywhere even in the bathroom :D
He drew campers attention to not only focus on the player with the ball but observe a defender whose often responsible for the contact.
Remeber: Protect the Shooter!

2019 09 04 09.09.26 2

Sretan’s speech included contacts, drives to the basket, block/charge. Based on video clips he talked about different situations which were discussed among our campers. Sometimes the verdict was clear but a few times the votes differed from each other and the clip was needed to be watched again.

There is no camp without Sasa so after the dinner break we all came back to the lecture room for the speech about screens. He remind us about what’s legal and illegal. Also explained how to referee pick and roll. All of it was of course followed up with clips which helped campers to understand this move.
Now we are ready for tomorrow’s games!

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