Monday 8 August 2022

Day 2, 5th September 2019 Thursday

Yesterday was a long day with a lot of lectures so now it’s time for an action. A bit of tiredness was beaten by the excitement for the games what we could see on courts. The games started at 9:00 on 4 different gyms. This year our campers are lucky to work not only with the camera glasses but also with blucom system (which is a referees wireless voice communication system). It matches Radom Camp perfectly by allowing the instructors to communicate with referees on the court during a game. Besides the tips given by our mentors we can also hear some complements that campers give to each other :D

 Nice voice!’ – Paulina
‘I have to watch you more’ – Bastian

Today’s day plan was very busy. There was only one quick break for a lunch and after that the games continued. In the evening there was time for a feedback when Richard was speaking about key areas. He refered to already officiated games and reminded campers what handchecking is. To make it easier to understand he prepared video clips which being discused for sure helped to absorb this knowledge. When it comes to use of hands go with ‘Tough not rough’ says Richard.


The last came feedback by Todd who talked over diferent clips and situations from today’s plays. Now everyone knows what they need to work with and improve tomorrow.
Well done refs! Keep working!