Monday 8 August 2022

Day 3, 6th September 2019, Friday

Another day another game! So here we go with the day 3. We could noticed that some of referees had under- eye pouches but I’m sure it was because of cutting clips in the night.


Today besides the junior’s tournament our campers had an opportunity to referee top men’s league games. Even Kuba and Marcin took their whistle and accompanied campers. Lucky those who had opportunity to be on the court with them. That was for sure a new experience which gave a motivation to keep on going.

The day was intensive and there was no time to rest. You have to work more and more to get better and that’s why after the games campers, divided to groups, had a practical session with Marcin. Finally dinner time came! All tired but satisfied with the day went to sleep as tomorrow at 8:30 am there is a feedback from today’s games...