Monday 8 August 2022

Day 4, 7th September 2019 Saturday

As it was supossed to the day started with the feedback. A lot of clips and different situations were discused over. So all of our campers could learn from each others mistakes.

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Later on there were lectures. One of them was by Sasa. He talked about ‘Life of a referee’, ‘Dream or reality?’. He point out that besides being a referee all of us have our own story. First should be our personal life, second job and career and on the third spot should be refereeing. When focusing on the refereeing we also talked about managing conflicts. Statement key is not how to avoid them but how to approach and solve them. At 2 pm games started again. Our campers have worked very very hard and tried to be better every single second. It’s amazing to see the progress they are making and their desire to learn more.
Last evening always has to end up with summing-up which comes from instructors. This year was no different. All of them were satisfied with the progress which was made during the camp but also gave some more advices for the future.

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