Monday 8 August 2022

Day 5, 8th Septermber, Sunday

Last day do not mean that’s the end. Even that some campers had to leave already, the rest was working harder than ever. Not only the camp was ending but also the tournaments our campers where officiating which means it was a final day for everyone. The games weren’t easy, some referees where lucky to get the final of top men’s league game and they did a great work.


This camp for sure gave everyone an opportunity to be better and motivation for up coming season. Warmest thanks to our instructors who were ready to give an advise and talk with us every single second. It is always the biggest pleasure to be working with such experienced people who share their knowledge. Thanks to you Campers for taking part and coming back here every year!

This camp it is not only a hard work, it’ a place where you meet new friends and have fun.

As one of our campers Robert Ciubulka said ‘ Those people are my family which is getting bigger and bigger every year’.


See you next time!