Saturday 26 September 2020

The day started like every other day with the lectures on the court early in the morning, but since it was in the middle of the week it was also rest day with slightly different activities. Everybody was excited! On the program today, we had excursion to Ustka, a small coastal town, a popular destination for recreation. Kuba had booked bikes and we were all ready for a nice biking trip along the Polish seaside. However, before the rest, we had our regular rotation, transition and signals (w/verbal support) practice followed by the FIBA yoyo test (to not be confused with YOLO), a mandatory test for the Basketball Championsleague (BCL) referees. All campers gave their full energy before the rest and the passing rate was correspondingly high. We could all referee in the BCL! 😊

Arriving to the biking rental, we were surprised that our reserved bikes were already rented out. Maybe the owner was related to one of the loosing teams – we don’t know, but it did not change our mood and after a quick discussion we decided to grab a coffee and take a walk on the beach instead. Rest or not, the topic was basketball refereeing. Also, well within of the “get better” spirit of the camp, the instructors asked what topics the campers missed and how the camp can improve. A few minor details were mentioned such as traditional note books with basket court watermark which we have seen on previous camps or topics which were already planned for the next days. It is hard to find what can be better when the camp is having such a high quality. The instructors are constantly available to answer all kinds of questions, review clips and explain whatever challenges we might have from 8am to after midnight every day.

After the nice excursion we were again ready for new games and to apply the topics we are practicing every morning on the court. Like previous days, we had camera glasses and audio devices on to record situations from all angles and receive instant feedback from Semen, Kuba and Marcin. We finished with a nice sauna session, but the rest day, although with more social activities was no exception to the other days – we are getting better.

Filip Szczesny