Saturday 24 October 2020

As usual my forth day began with the morning practice, we’ve continued to work on 3PO. We’ve put an accent on the movements: the right usage of cross steps, the finding a space between players and also payed attention to the signals and gesticulations.
After the breakfast we were been listening to lecture about marginal contacts and unsportsmanlike fouls. We got tons of useful information.
Then we studied the yesterday’s games moments. We were finding the different decisions from the different angles. Glasses cameras are really helpful to understand which place is better.
Before the lunch break we did the outside practice and injury prevention.

Then we divided into two groups: first crew started to officiate games using the glasses cameras and the communication system and the second one began the gym workout. Then the groups changed.

At the games feedback we got a lot about individual techniques and mechanics and while at gym workouts we got a lot about off the court self improvement.
Then after the dinner we got a little time to walk around.
Then ... we worked out the clips from the today games.
Good night!


Andrey Lugovoy