Friday 1 July 2022

Last day of this survival camp. How do we feel after having a new body check at 7:30 am?

We compare our results after four days of hard work. Do we see a difference? Yes we do.

Thursday started as usual. Mechanics training in the morning, practicing the cross-step and some drills to be sure that our count of 3 and 5 seconds is perfect. To finish the training strong, everyone ran the YOYO test, which was of course finished successfully.

Today we are halfway through the camp, and we get up as usual around 7 am. Having already identified our bad habits yesterday, the exercises have also become more specific.

After the breakfast we started the theorical part of the day which began with the presentation of my group about post play. It was a great discussion around the rules and clips. Then we went on working on videos which were tricky as usual.

Everybody knows one day has 24 hours. At Survival Camp we must be every hour in a different time zone with different measuring. For example the breakfast is not the first thing to start the day with. It is the 5th one. Right after a warm-up, 3PO drills, beep test and a shower.

After last night in Ustka we enjoyed morning jogging to the beach. Before noon the first task was done: we all met in correct Jezierzyce. Great team of 11 campers started working really hard as soon as we were accommodated. First was fitness with invisible line between warm-up and workout. So much we were engaged! The physical preparation later on consisted of speed practice and referee movements on the court. At the end of the day some video analysis helped us to understand the right criteria for the camp officiating.
so we are getting ready to referee. Time management is not our strong part, however, this group can deal with everything, so it won’t be a problem for the rest of the camp.
A short refreshing walk around with beautiful sunset silently closed the official part of the Day 1 here.
Lets check  the program for the Day 2!

Finaly we are back with you !

Due to pandemic COVID - 19 we had to re-schedue our plans and terms of this year REFEREE.PL SURVIVAL CAMP. Now we have possibility and we are ready to work with you.

The first session of our Survival Camp will take place verry soon. We will start it at 29th of June 2020 and finish at 3th of July 2020 with 12 Junior Campers and 3 Senior Campers.

We are looking forward to starting the first session and returning to hard work on and off the court. Players and trainers are already getting ready to work with us.

We are also working on Second Session of Camp. Probabely it will take place at 3rd or 4th week of July. More details will come soon.

We are very happy to announce the SECOND SESSION on 4th edition of SURVIVAL CAMP due to the huge interest. And the second session of this year Survival Camp will start a few days after first one finished - 27.07.2020.

Now you can register for the second session by fulfill dedicated registration form on our website. Still you can also register for the first session.




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One more time, one more year!

We are very happy to announce the 4th edition of SURVIVAL CAMP. This camp is very modern way of working to improve referees’ skills in all individual aspects.

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