Friday 3 December 2021

Everybody knows one day has 24 hours. At Survival Camp we must be every hour in a different time zone with different measuring. For example the breakfast is not the first thing to start the day with. It is the 5th one. Right after a warm-up, 3PO drills, beep test and a shower.

Each day one group presents an interesting topic to discuss. Like Flop & Fake for instance. And it is quite easy to imagine such a discussion doesn’t last 5 minutes. Yet there is still some time left when we go out for another 3PO lecture and a speed practise. Indeed, the speed means the fast running, agility and other useful IQ tasks here. Luckily, there is no need to be super mentally neither physically fresh to enjoy the lunch.

Even the time for having a rest we found somewhere (not really sure where) to be ready for the following schedule filled up with fitness sessions and officiating so that we could finally use all the things we learnt so far. Especially on the court.

Impossible to believe how many lessons, important remarks and interesting ideas one can listen to just during Tuesday. And Wednesday is on its way here soon.