Friday 3 December 2021

Today we are halfway through the camp, and we get up as usual around 7 am. Having already identified our bad habits yesterday, the exercises have also become more specific.

After the breakfast we started the theorical part of the day which began with the presentation of my group about post play. It was a great discussion around the rules and clips. Then we went on working on videos which were tricky as usual.

We finished the lesson with a special guest, unfortunately he couldn’t be present in person, however with today’s excellent technical solutions we could watch his lecture online. It is always great to hear from a person who is in charge of the education at the top level in the USA.

Before the lunch we practiced our speed. It’s the funny part of our physical training here, it is like playing games – a great way to improve our speed and reactivity.

This afternoon is time for us to apply live in the games as much as possible what we have learned earlier in the day (fastbreak, communication, post play, 3 seconds etc.). All of us are really satisfied about our progression; we improve more than expected for the second day we officiate here.

At 9 pm, before watching all our games and making clips we take a rest. One hour of chilling and enjoying the sauna. We all look forward to seeing the next improvements.

Alexandre Tornay

From Switzerland