Friday 3 December 2021

Last day of this survival camp. How do we feel after having a new body check at 7:30 am?

We compare our results after four days of hard work. Do we see a difference? Yes we do.

After a good feeling, we went to the gym for mechanics and IOT. We keep some words from Kuba and Marcin in mind: “Eye contact, look over the shoulder, run straight, short words, 45 degrees, call - wait - go.”

And off we go to the line for the YOYO test. We finished this test sweaty - but satisfied.

We need some energy for the rest of the day, so it is family table time - breakfast.

We let our muscles rest during the classroom. Last group presents a topic about block/charge and drives to the basket. We also discussed the clips from yesterday’s games. It is remarkable that the opinions from the whole group are getting better and better. We can say for sure that after days of discussions, of thinking differently, we understand the rulebook better with the guide and experience of Kuba and Marcin. Not only theoretically, but also practically. It fits all together - understanding the rules and knowing what to do on court. It is a big step forward for everyone.

Friday is still a day at this camp. So working on the speed cannot be skipped. First, a game of 5 on 5 - do you think that referees can’t play? Too bad for the people who didn’t see the game.
Good warm-up and then the speed exercises. We can tell that there is one man who showed us that practice and fun can get you the best results. Who is that man? You will read later keep on reading...

Finally, lunch is here, hungry, we are sitting at the table - soup - meal and dessert like every day! Friendly woman in the kitchen. We can’t understand each other, but with the best signs(as we are used to on the court), we can ask for milk, spoons, extra plates. So you can see that signs really help the communication.

After lunch, we have the pregame. Then, we divided into two groups for fitness and games.

Today was arm day... With the same man who gave us the speed practice. We saw him more than anyone on this camp. Dominique, we are all thankful for the crazy exercises, that helped us to get stronger, faster and tired.

Games with the glasses... it is like we are still wearing the glasses :) We can feel a print on our head.

But the most important thing, they are a tool that really helped us. You analyzed your angle, but also the angles from your colleagues, which are useful to see the play from a different point of view.

We get feedback after each game. We all feel and could see a difference in the way we officiated the first day and the last day. All the sport, lectures, games, clips, discussions... that is all we needed to understand our work on the court.

Generally, we can say that if you are not afraid to make mistakes, you want to work hard so you can improve, then this camp is written on your body!

Nobody survives alone, and neither did we! Thanks Survival Camp Team! Good luck in the future and don’t forget what we have learned from Kuba , Marcin and each other.

Farrah Mamouni