Friday 3 December 2021

Thursday started as usual. Mechanics training in the morning, practicing the cross-step and some drills to be sure that our count of 3 and 5 seconds is perfect. To finish the training strong, everyone ran the YOYO test, which was of course finished successfully.

After a good breakfast, we came back in the lecture room and listened to a nice presentation about hand-check, followed by the discussion of different situations from the day before. With strong arguments and small “fights”, we finally decided what would be the best decisions.

We went on to practice our foul signals, on camera, so we could later on correct and change accordingly. Before lunch, we had the speed training, this time outside on a great weather.

After lunch, we went on to referee the games, where some great progress could be seen, from communication, to movement on the court. To end the day, we participated in a yoga lesson, which relaxed us and prepared us to be in the best shape for the next day. While most of the time we were watching the teacher do some impossible moves, we all enjoyed it.

On to the next day!

Ioana Cojocaru