Friday 3 December 2021

1. 2016 GCC 2

When I were young, I represent Hong Kong U16 national basketball team and University Team. After that, I try to participated in 3 roles in basketball which are Referee, Player and Coach. After a period of time, I found I have more interest in officiating as I like a challenging role. Moreover, I want to contribute myself to keep my loved sport to play under fair.

As every year at the REFEREE.pL we have a well-represented group from Poland. Please see a few words about Michal Pogon, as a first introduction to our polish friends.


Very interesting personality, connected to our camp from many years, big sport passionate, who is passing his love to basketball to young team from his country, who is now coming with him to the camp, five people together. Please see the story of Patrick below.

IMG 3397

Tiberiu is an economist, who works for Coca-Cola Austria as an area sales manager in Vienna. He grew up in Romania, and decided at the age of 19 to move to Vienna to study Business Administration. During his studies at the University of Vienna, he started his officiating career back in 2005 in the youth leagues.


Very soon we start first session of REFEREE.PL in Romania. Continuing the popular article series from last year, which was the introduction of camp participants written by themselves, I would like to kick it off this year with an important person - Amalia Marchis, who is not only the camp participant, but she is also working for the local organizing committee, helping to deliver the highest level of camp for you. She happens to be a huge basketball passionate, and so she is sharing with us as well the history of the basketball tradition in Cluj in Romania.

season 2015 2016 frendly game