Friday 3 December 2021

Very soon we start first session of REFEREE.PL in Romania. Continuing the popular article series from last year, which was the introduction of camp participants written by themselves, I would like to kick it off this year with an important person - Amalia Marchis, who is not only the camp participant, but she is also working for the local organizing committee, helping to deliver the highest level of camp for you. She happens to be a huge basketball passionate, and so she is sharing with us as well the history of the basketball tradition in Cluj in Romania.

season 2015 2016 frendly game



I am involved in basketball, as referee and also as organizing committees’ member, so is a lucky mix between passion and work.

Season 2015/2016:

  • level: Romanian National League, Man
  • FIBA Europe Clinic for National Referees in Bucharest, Romania

ISF World Championship Finals

I had the first contact with "refereeing" in 2006, when I moved from my small city of birth, situated in the North of the country, in Cluj-Napoca. It was a big change for me but I took everything as a challenge.

2007 was the year when I had the opportunity to be part of the project "The big contest - 72 hours of basketball - Sibiu, Romania", where I was nominated as referee, a real marathon of officiating.

National League

International camps attended:

  • 2015 CanDoBasketball Camp (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • 2013 FIBA Europe International Camp for Girls U15 (Postonja, Slovenia)
  • 2013 CanDoBasketball Camp (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • 2011 FIBA Europe International Camp for Girls U15 (Postonja, Slovenia)

International tournaments:

  • 2014 European Universities Games Rotterdam - the finals
  • 2015 ISF World Championship Limoges - the finals - the finals
  • 2016 European Universities Games Zagreb

Zagreb 2016

During last 10 years, I took part, as volunteer, at all European Championships organized in Romania. Each competition is something new, a good opportunity to be in contact every year with referees from all over the world, to "steal" something from everybody, to grow in the middle of a referees group.

Basketball has a long tradition in Romania, Romanian Basketball Federation being one of the 13th founders of FIBA. The basketball has evolved through the years from the early ages when it was played outdoor, to the modern game that in now attracting more and more spectators.

Cluj basketball history has overcome six decades. The promote actions of basketball in Cluj started in schools since 1938, the first panels being installed in the courtyard of Catholic Gymnasium. Learning and practicing basketball was first performed at the University, with the foundation of athletic club KEAC in 1940, after which, in 1942, reached the schools.

muresan ghita

In over 60 years of history, Cluj basketball boasts big-name coaches and players who have done honor not only to the city, but also to the national teams at various levels. During the ’80, the local women team ruled national basketball, winning 13 titles (10 in a row) and reached European Champions Cup semifinal. Also, Cluj gave the first and only Romanian player who ever played in the NBA: “Big” Ghita Muresan. (

Nowadays, basketball in Cluj-Napoca is the king sport. The number of people involved in basketball is growing every year, from children who start playing basketball at early ages, to devoted fans, sponsors and local community.

Cluj-Napoca is fortunate to have the biggest and most modern gym in the country, a polyvalent hall with more than 7,000 seats, one of FIBA EuroBasket 2017 venues.
This gym is the main venue for hosting the camp and it will be joined by the older Horia Demian Sports Hall (2,500 seats).

For both Cluj-Napoca and Romania, is the first and biggest international camp for basketball referees.

I attend for the first time this camp and it is double exciting for me. As referee, I can’t wait to improve, to be better than I was before. As part of the referees' local organizing team, I put, together with my colleagues, as much energy we have to build the highest standards for "camp’s house".

Balkanic Next Star Cup FIBA Clinic Bucharest 2015

For local organizing committee it is a big challenge to bring together, for 3 days, strong international men and women tournaments, as well as youth ones.
We are welcoming referees from all over the world to learn from the valuable experienced of the world known instructors invited to the camp and also share a special time and make wonderful memories.

Thank you very much Amalia, see you next month in Cluj-Napoca!!!