Friday 3 December 2021

Very interesting personality, connected to our camp from many years, big sport passionate, who is passing his love to basketball to young team from his country, who is now coming with him to the camp, five people together. Please see the story of Patrick below.

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Well just in some words… but for my age, plenty of stories and lots of experience ☺

I started to be a referee season 1989/90, and did year by year my C-B-A license in Luxemburg, in 2005, in Riga I passed the FIBA license.


Former player, but not so successful, we dropped down from top league to second league, I also did coach for 2 seasons a youth team (Minis) early 1990’s.

I go to international tournaments, camps, ex. Wonderful Copenhagen Cup, where all started in 1998, followed by Zehlendorfer Pfingstturnier in Berlin, CanDo Basketball Camp in UK and for 12 years in a row Scania Cup in Sodertalje, and many others in Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, and after 2009/10/13/14 I participate at the REFEREE.PL camp now for the 5th time.


Camps are very important for young referee, but also for “experienced” to prepare the season and to stay tuned. Like the European youth championships, where all FIBA referees participate all summer (I will be in Sofia for the U16 men, division B).

To be a referee is not always easy, but I would not change, if somebody would ask me, if I would do the same again. Now when I see, my career goes slowly to the end, and I take already a small look back, I visited so many places and countries, probably I would never have visited, but there are still some missing on my map ☺. In my mobile phone “facebook-whatsup-skype-instagram” or similar, I have at least one number in every country I visited or from friends involved in basketball, as referee, coach, player… All this nobody can steal away, and there are so many stories to tell or perhaps write down once...

In Luxemburg I am in the top league for more or less 20 years, and I am the head of the referees and represent the referees at the federations board. I am also part of our instructors and help to organize the clinics and the different referee degrees. I also make the nominations for the referees for all leagues, except the top leagues, because I’m involved.

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In private, I work for the government on court at the commercial department (bankruptcies and commercial affairs). I run 10K races and half-marathons all over the world, so for 2016, I have Dublin, Lisbon and Las Vegas on the list. Other hobbies are fishing, where I participated in 2015 and 2016 at the world championships, (where the result for us was not so important, because we are not professionals, but like in refereeing, got lots of experience and new friendship).

Like all the years, I do not travel alone to the camps, so for this year’s camp in Romania, we will be a groups of 5 referees from our small country, so 5 out of ca 120 active referees, one woman and 4 men.

It's a perfect mixed group, within 3 more or less experienced referees, Pit, Tom (who missed only a few Kuba camps) and me from the TOTAL League in Luxemburg, one very potential young lady (Cathy), who passed the step to the 2nd league men/TOTAL league woman early this year, and one rookie (Michaijl) who only starts his 4th season, but already did some games in the Top League women last season. This camp is the perfect preparation to start into the new season.

Thank you Paddy and the team!!