Friday 3 December 2021

Survival camp 2019 was by far one of the best referee camps I have attended. A couple of elements distinguish survival camp from other camps.

First, the thorough feedback given by the instructors and their availability. There is a clear link between the lectures, daily morning practice sessions and the feedback during the games, which all prove that the camp is well planned and thought through. Throughout the whole camp from 8am to (at times) past midnight, the instructors were available to give you valuable, direct and honest feedback. It was clear they were dedicated and had a genuine interest of helping. The small number of camp participants also allowed for even more feedback compared to other camps.


Second, the live feedback given by the instructors during the game. The communication device allows for instant feedback and quicker adjustment leading to improvement of ones officiating. In addition, the camera glasses give an opportunity to see all referees’ angles, and thus analyzing what each referee sees and how he/she can improve positioning.

Third, as part of the camp we had basketball coaches and physical trainers at our disposal showing us how we can improve our own physical strength, running technique etc.

Finally, it is a great pleasure to be able to share an interest with fellow referees from all over the world. There was a great camp spirit. In conclusion, I believe the camp was very well planned with great pedagogical benefits, which gives motivation for further improvement.

Among missing items I would appreciate having some stationery such as a notebook or a magnetic board with areas of responsibility for each referee. In addition, could a preliminary schedule have been sent slightly earlier?

Finn Szczesny