Saturday 26 September 2020

I can say that all parts of the camp were amazing. It had everything you need in a preseason to get better, from physical condition to understanding the game better. Food was amazing, conditions also, maybe even better without so much phone signal or internet. The idea of having presentations in groups is great. Gives the opportunity to understand better a subject, but also teaches you how to stand in front of people and talk about something. The fact that we had sessions in the gym also, lifting weights and doing other exercises, I think it’s good, as we trained all aspects of being a referee. Using glasses and microphones gave us a huge advantage, as we understood better how a good position on the court can help a lot. Also nice: being able to talk to others through the microphone in the game, but also receiving feedback on the spot, so you can improve and understand better what is the problem. There’s not much that can be improved, honestly, I think sleeping in classrooms is not a problem, just maybe the beds to be better J Had some trouble with my back for the first nights. The rest, I think it’s a great camp where you can improve so much in just 5 days. Learned so much and I believe it will help me a lot in my officiating.


Probably one of the best and most complete camps I’ve been to until now. 5 days of hard work, no time to do anything else, just improve everything regarding officiating. From physical condition, officiating techniques, movement on the court, to cutting clips, analyzing them presenting them to the rest of the group. Using glasses that film what you see during games gives a huge advantage, as you can better understand how a good position can make everything so much easier. But also, the fact that we received feedback in real time through the microphones helped a lot in improving my officiating. Loved every part of it: the warm up with the players before the games, sessions in the gym, presentations, going for walks, the availability of the instructors anytime or running outside; it has everything you need to improve the level of officiating.

Ioana Cojocaru