Saturday 26 September 2020

I attended this camp to practice and improve my officiating and after five days of hard work I believe we all did. It is especially the feedback and analysis of the games which I am very satisfied with.
First of all, the feedback from instructors. Apart from the detailed and constructive feedback covering all aspects of basketball refereeing, the campers and instructors are part of one group working together. Working as one team contributed to a very good learning atmosphere and ensured availability to the instructors. I really appreciated that the instructors had time for any questions at any time and shared their knowledge with us during the camp.


Secondly, I found the technical devices to support the analysis of the game very useful. The camera glasses together with a main camera from top ensured we could evaluate the game from four angles and the movement and positioning of the referees in any situation. The headset with microphones provided instant feedback from the instructors and made as aware of any mistakes “live”, in other words an excellent opportunity to correct bad habits straight away. Also, I appreciated that USB sticks, SD adapters, and all sorts of “transitional” devices from USB to SD or other were available to borrow. Small details like that guaranteed compatibility to all devices and their corresponding advantages described above and, in my opinion, just proves how well this camp is planned.
Thirdly, with all this feedback and recordings I think it was good that we had time to prepare clips and that the program had a timeslot dedicated for analysis altogether and discussion of clips every day. Through these sessions it became very evident what criteria should be applied and I think we all got better in analyzing situations both in terms of mechanics and decision making. This will for sure be helpful in future games.
For future camps, I wish to have the same high level of feedback and analysis. On one of the past camps I remember receiving notebooks with watermark designed as a basketball court. Such notebook is very helpful when making notes of situations on the court and this is something I missed on this camp. Although this might be old fashioned, I think that leaving the computer or the phone for a while and making notes on paper has great advantages during presentations and discussions. Overall, the survival camp was a great learning experience. Thank you Kuba, Semen and Marcin.

Filip Szczesny