Saturday 26 September 2020

I only have good things to say about it. It was awesome !

The structure is great and the balance between physical exercices and theory is good. I like the fact that you are pushing us but not at the point where we risk injuries.

The 3 mentors are passionate referees and I can feel it by the way you guys always answered our questions without any judgment and with the true intention to make us understand the answer. You did not get rid of our questions because you did not think it was a good one or because you had not the time. It was very enjoyable.


I also like the fact that we can learn without being in competition with the other referees for once. There is no "we have to perform so we can have the best games, etc." which actually helped us bond with one another. There was a great atmosphere between referees.

I have learnt the mechanics of 3PO and actually find a way to referee a game today in the Summer league of Geneva in 3PO ! It went well with few rotations errors ^^ I need to work on useful cross steps.

I feel I have learn a lot in mechanics, areas, cross step, etc. and still need to work on it since I only had time to learn the basics.

In terms of criteria, we go deep into the understanding of UF, rebounds, LGP, etc. which is very useful and make me realize that I do not get deep enough sometimes to judge a situation. At the beginning it is disturbing because it is new knowledge. But it is necessary to learn this way.
And you helped me with few bodylanguage tips. I particularly liked the 2 videos about game management/game control that you showed us on Friday. I found it very useful.

The food was good. The day out in Ustka was enjoyable, it a good little break in the middle of the week.

I wish we could have officiated a bit more, but it is not a critic, I know that it is the Radom camp where there is more practice on the court. I just love 3PO and feel like we do not have enough opportunities to do any in Switzerland. And the glasses and microphones are just excellent tools to progress quickly !

Lucas Richard