Friday 3 December 2021

My adventure with basketball has started when I was a young boy, many years ago. Few years of playing in a team showed clearly that I will not be another Michael Jordan and my coaches sent me for the referee’s course. And so last year I was celebrating already 20 years on the court as a basketball referee. Currently from 5 years I am officiating in the national league in Poland.

We are back with the campers stories! Next one is Veronika Vavrova from Czech. See below the intro.

Dear all, please meet our next lady referee who is joining the camp in Antalya.



Selcan is an engineer from Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding and Oceanography field who works as a full time professional in London.

As a part of our project for meeting the campes, please meet another referee that will join our camp this year - Marli Kasemi from Albania.

We keep our fingers crossed that this year he will be there from the beginning :)

I would like now to present a “referee CV” of a women from Poland, who attended multiple camps in Europe and her career is growing over the years quite fast - Ewa Matuszewska.

Hi again. I like to see that our new action with introducing the referees coming to the camp is very popular, especially on Social Media, so we happily continue to present to you profile of referees from all over the world who sign in to come to Antalya. Next is Jimmy (Chuang Chih-Chun) from Taiwan.

For the first time ever at the camp will host 3 referees from Qatar! We took the advantage that good friend of the camp – Petr Sudek is working as a Referees Technical Expert in Qatar and was very kind in sharing some info about our new friends. Check yourself. :)

So there are 3 new faces for the from Qatar.

My name is Edgard Ceccarelli, I am 22 years old. I'm studying for Brand-Marketing Manager at Red Bull, I have a master degree in Sport Marketing. I love basketball, travels and laugh with my friends. I'm smiling guy and I am passionate by the different cultures, which exist in this world. 

As we continue to present you the people who will come to our camp in June. Next one will be a referee from Russia – Daniel Adeyemi. Go and meet Daniel.

Another referee from quite a distance, who is coming to Antalya. We are happy to introduce Lei Si Man from Macau.

Few words from Macau

As this year for the camp plenty of things are happening for the first time, I would like to start an introduction of some camp participants before the camp. This year is fantastic, we have many people on the lists and some campers attending from very far away. We thought it would be nice for the wider audience to get to know them. And all of you can get to know better in Antalya.