Friday 3 December 2021

As this year for the camp plenty of things are happening for the first time, I would like to start an introduction of some camp participants before the camp. This year is fantastic, we have many people on the lists and some campers attending from very far away. We thought it would be nice for the wider audience to get to know them. And all of you can get to know better in Antalya.

Stephen Yuen is a FIBA referee from Hong Kong. He got his license in 1997. He is mostly officiating in Hong Kong and also getting nominations from FIBA Asia. For example before going to camp in June, Stephen is going to Singapore for officiating. 
Privately he is a coach of basketball in primary school and he teaches young players in the age between 6 and 12. They are playing some interschool tournaments and it is always a good challenge to build up a team to compete. They play many friendly matches as well, and practice twice a week.
So life of Stephen is nicely built around basketball. We asked him what he would like to get from the camp. Stephen said: “I hope to improve my officiating skills and mindset. And learn how to be a better referee. This is my aim to go to your camp.”
We will be sharing some more information about campers. Stay tuned :)