Friday 3 December 2021

My name is Edgard Ceccarelli, I am 22 years old. I'm studying for Brand-Marketing Manager at Red Bull, I have a master degree in Sport Marketing. I love basketball, travels and laugh with my friends. I'm smiling guy and I am passionate by the different cultures, which exist in this world. 

I play basketball from 17 years and I referee from 6 years. My father was a professional player in France (1st and 2nd Division) and now he trains the young national team for France and Italy. 

I officiate in national championship since 2010. I was nominated to referee U15 National Finals (twice), International Tournament in Le Portel, Caen, Cherbourg. I attended referee clinics in Bourges and Fréjus too. 

I officiate for the French University Championship too. 
Now I referee in Men National 2 (4th division) and Woman League 2 (2nd division). I participate since 2 years at National Referee Camp organized by the French Federation of Basket Ball for "young hopes". 

I'm the referee’s manager on Tony Parker Camps each summer (to Rouen and Lyon).

I do formation work with the new referees and referee, who calls in Department (9th French division) and Region Level. 

I want to be the best referee possible, I want to call in PRO A (first division) and be FIBA. But I take this way step by step. I'm working a lot with my video from matches and with other referees to identify issues and set up my working goals. 

I want to attend this camp, because I want to know "how to be the best referee possible" and meet an international and human experience. I love to meet peoples from all the world and I want to polish my English on the court. I never referee outside my boundary with foreign referees, so this will be the occasion. 

One day, in Carquefou (National Men 2) a part of public called me "Kendji Girac”.. It's a French singer and I look alike him. And during 1-2 actions, 500 peoples sung his hit to devolve me. They make me laugh, I am guilty.... :-)