Friday 3 December 2021

For the first time ever at the camp will host 3 referees from Qatar! We took the advantage that good friend of the camp – Petr Sudek is working as a Referees Technical Expert in Qatar and was very kind in sharing some info about our new friends. Check yourself. :)

So there are 3 new faces for the from Qatar.

Yes. Two of them are already FIBA referees, Mr.Baker Al-Kuwari (36), passed in 2013 and he is nominated for FIBA U 19 girls World Championship in Russia. Mr.Khalid Al-Hebabi (28), also FIBA referee from 2014, third on Mr.Abdulrahman Al-Subaye(35), also with FIBA ambition. All three of them are married. They are the part of the core of referees group.

You will come to Antalya together with the Qatari commissioner.

Mr.Mohammed Ali Rashid Al-Subaye(43), is former FIBA referee, from 2014 FIBA commissioner and he is also head of referees committee. This year he became a member of FIBA Asia technical commission.

Few words more from Petr.

Peter just now finished some work related with semifinals of Qatar Cup Man and also all Youth categories, where Peter is working as a Referees Technical Expert. This means everything concerning officiating, education of the referees, evaluation, training and preparation of them. Practically from October until May daily in the gym in contact with basketball, referees. Peter was already at the camp in Poland with us, and we are happy he will join again.

How refereeing and working with referees in Qatar is different then what you did in Europe.

There are some cultural differences. People in Europe are more precise in time management and time discipline. But when you find the way to them it is much easier. It needs a lot talks, explanations, not simple but very interesting and challenging.

Could you tell us any highlights from the past season…

Highlight for me was in the end of previous season. H.H.Emir Cup is the most important and prestigious competition of the season. After long time 2014 edition was officiated by three Qatari referees and on very good standard.

How do you work with referees in Qatar, do you also do camps?

Group of the local, Qatari referees is relatively small. Biggest challenge is recruitment of new referees. Working circumstance created by QBF is excellent. We have all facilities at disposal in the federation – full equipped meeting room, medical center, facilities for rehabilitation and recovery (sauna, Jacuzzi…), fitness gym.

We divided referees in three groups due to quality and experience. Each group has its own program in theory and we combine practical training in the gym. Also practically on daily base they are officiating. To observe them and give them a feedback is easier due to that all games of Youth (U14, U16 and U19 are played in same gym (QBF) and also men competitions are played in one gym, so it is interesting, that there is no home court advantage.

Also with group of approximately 20 referees we are going every year for pre - season camp. Last year we were in Spain during the World Cup.

And also mostly on individual base they are trying to take part on camps abroad – like your camp this year.

Thank you Peter.

See you soon at the camp :)