Friday 3 December 2021

Hi again. I like to see that our new action with introducing the referees coming to the camp is very popular, especially on Social Media, so we happily continue to present to you profile of referees from all over the world who sign in to come to Antalya. Next is Jimmy (Chuang Chih-Chun) from Taiwan.

Jimmy was born and grew up in PengHu Island near Taiwan. He is working as a physical education teacher in High School in Taipei (the capital of Taiwan). Jimmy got his FIBA license in 2012.

As he says: “I participate in basketball games only because I really love basketball. So far, I've only got chances to be a basketball referee in Asia. I hope that I can expand my viewpoints and develop my ability by learning more and more professional knowledge outside Asia. My family supports me very much. Therefore, I would like to join Antalya camp”.

Jimmy, please be welcomed to, we are waiting for you in Turkey.

See you soon!